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About us..

 OD Tattooing  is a private tattooing studio located on the windy shores of the North Sea, on the edge of the beautiful city of Den Haag. 

 With a picturesque view over Scheveningen harbour on one side and an equally stunning view of the North sea on the other, OD Tattooing is located on the 3rd floor of one of the oldest buildings around, constructed in the 1930's.

 The attic of this historical building was turned into a relaxed, quiet, private environment where we can offer our undivided attention to create what we consider the best in tattooing. 



 Tattooing is one of the earliest visual art forms and has served as a means of self-expression for thousands of years. We like to believe we continue on this path making our contribution and hopefully, help push forward this ancient art form. At least keeping it alive.  

 We try our best to approach our work with respect towards the planet, animals and human beings.  

 We offer our services purely on appointment. We value your interest in our work thus we address our projects seriously, with appropriate attention and professionalism.

 We do our best everyday to welcome you with full interest, an open mind and honest advice. We have, put together, over 30 years of experience in tattooing and a significant number of achievements and recognition throughout tattoo related events and conventions in this time. 

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